How are your 2010 goals coming along? Here is a B12 shot if you have lost some momentum!

Resolution Revolution…keep the momentum and get back on track!

Lose the Pounds, Make the Dollars and Find the Time!


Pounds, dollars and minutes are on the minds of most of us this time of year. No matter what you are trying to lose or gain, here’s how to make 2010 your last year for New Year’s Resolutions.

Ninety two percent of all resolutions are broken because we set short term goals, don’t put action steps in place to follow through or don’t find out the real reason we want to achieve that goal. That real reason is what keeps the 8% of resolution achievers going every year! When you find that one thing that means the most to you, you will never have to make another resolution again.

What resolutions did you make for this year?

If you have lost your momentum….get back on track!


1. Find your own, personal motivation – Losing 20 pounds before vacation is a great goal but it’s short term. Once vacation comes and goes, the weight creeps right back on. The reason is there was a lack of a truly meaningful, personal motivator, or Powerful Why®. Your Powerful Why® is the one thing that will help you reach and keep your goals, for life…any goal of any kind, every single goal.

For many it is self worth, “I want to feel truly good about myself, about my life.” but that reason is rarely delved into and the motivation that comes with it is never captured. You see when we build self worth, all parts of the person and the person’s life grow, not just a weight loss goal attained. And because all parts of the person’s life are getting better, the character traits that come with such growth allow the weight to seem to just ‘fall off’.

Example- Stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions can cause us to run for comfort foods or sit, vegetating on the couch. The source of these negative emotions is the place we need to start. Because feeling these things is due to low self worth. Let’s say the source is a situation at work or in a relationship that hasn’t gone the way you hoped. Learning how to handle the situation brings about the result you want and the negative situation never arises in the first place. You see the bottom line is this. When we feel great about ourselves, when our self worth and esteem are high we have much less tendency to experience these negative emotions. Thus we don’t have the reactions. A big part of building self worth is personal development and that always results in a better you, a better outlook and a more powerful reason for wanting to achieve all goals set.

Funny…no one talks about building self worth in the weight loss industry except us. They all talk about how it will grow once you lose the weight. We have proven in multiple lives that when growing self worth is the focus, weight comes off naturally. I know, I lived it. I realized how sad I was and made a couple of changes to be in situations where I was supported and I felt happier and more loved. I went form a size 12 to a 10. I got a job in customer service and began meeting the customer’s needs. I dropped to an 8. I found a place in life where my talents could really be used and I became a 6. I discovered the joy of teaching what I knew to others and became a size 4. I wanted to feel more alive and became a size 2. No where in that example did I mention food. Because it was all about growing as a person, I not only lost weight effortlessly… I built a phenomenal career, raised a healthy, happy family and have a spectacular level of hope and peace in my life!

The reality is that most people don’t believe they can meet their goals because they have tried every avenue that’s out there only to hit dead end after dead end. Belief is the most powerful personal motivator. Ask yourself a very important question. “Do I truly believe I will make the money I want to make, lose the weight I want to lose, find the time I want to find this year for the things in life that matter to me? Do I TRULY; REALLY believe it’s going to happen. I didn’t truly believe I was going to accomplish all I’d hoped to accomplish in my career so consequently that limiting belief stopped my progress dead in its tracks. Learning how to first identify the beliefs that were actually not true at all, that were holding me back, unleashed a power inside of me like nothing I’d ever known. Then learning how to build positive, result-producing belief came next. With this step I was unstoppable!! Belief is truly the most powerful word, yet not addressed much at all when systems are provided with building wealth, starting a business, losing weight, or making memories with family and friends. Your Powerful Why will help you become independent and continue to stay motivated permanently. It’s that simple. So…Do you want to achieve the goal for a short while, or do you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of the goal forever? If long-term results are what you want, I suggest finding your Powerful Why.

2. Find an expert – Identifying your own, personal motivation is not always an easy task and you may need a little help from someone who knows how to pull it out of you. This is where an expert will change your life. I am both humbled and thrilled to tell you that I am such an expert. Referred to by many as the Motivation Maven, it has been my honor to help millions of people lose millions of pounds, make millions of dollars and find hours of extra time to do the things in life that matter to them. And I’ve been doing so under the radar for years, meaning inside my own company. I’ve founded multiple successful companies that specialize in motivation for business, bodies and life. And today I want to offer to introduce you to your own personal motivation. I have a program called Never Ending Motivation.  It’s available to you for  at I’m convinced it’s the solution to achieving every single goal set.

With the help and encouragement of this amazing tool, you will be able to make a plan and follow through on your goals. 2010 will be the year you make those dollars, find those minutes and lose those pounds.

In A CONSTANT State of Victory,
Donna Krech

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  • Wilson

    Reply Reply September 12, 2014

    Currently, I’m dieting (no braekfast, maximum 300 calorie lunch, small normal dinner, tons of water), excercising (yard work, walking, biking, swimming), and taking phentermine (appetite supressor and ?). Like yourself, I had my thyroid removed a while back which totally sabatoged any diet/exercise program I tried. I had to get my thyroid levels balanced and I am being monitored very closely by my doctor. It doesn’t drop the pounds like the old phen-phen diets, but if I work at it, I can drop 13 or more pounds in a month. (The rest I had done by starving myself and exercising for 3 months prior to that.) There are risks to the drug, (high blood pressure, heart issues must be monitored) but in my case, the risks of keeping the weight on is worse. I need to drop close to half of my body weight. I’ve tried almost every diet out there. My favorite was phen-phen but then I got pregnant and they banned it by the time I stopped nursing. Second to that was Jenny Craig, but my thyroid was still working, again I ended up pregnant. Atkins worked well, but is not a long term solution unless you’re willing to give up bread, crackers, and pasta for life. LA Weight Loss worked great for my husband, but my thyroid levels were way off and my doctor knew we were in the process of relocating so he wouldn’t mess with them. It is also VERY time consuming for meal prep. I LOVE their cook book though, and am still using it to help us eat healthier when I have time. Because I have yo-yo dieted since I was 11 yrs old and my thyroid gets loopy, the phentermine puts my metabolism where it was before I had thyroid problems. If I eat and sit, I gain ..if I cut back and exercise, I lose. It’s not a miracle drug, but at least it gives me a chance.

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