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Have you ever heard the term Healthy Selfish?  It means doing what’s best for you and taking good care of yourself, so that you achieve optimal health and can better support those around you.

Everyone knows how it feels to give and give to others, until you feel you have nothing left to give them, let alone anything left for yourself.  This is backwards.  We need to start by “feeding” ourselves first, whether that means eating healthy foods, exercising more, praying or reading The Word, taking downtime when we need it, getting a little extra sleep, taking a bath, spending time laughing with friends, or whatever we do that nourishes our soul and gives energy.

Have you ever ridden in an airplane and heard them review the safety procedures?  They tell you, “In the event of an emergency, oxygen will drop from the ceiling.  Secure your own oxygen before helping others.”  That’s because if you try to help someone else before making sure you have your own oxygen supply in place, it could mean the worst for both of you.  But when you get your mask on first, you can help many others without fighting for your own life.

This is a valuable metaphor for life.  And just as it applies to assisting others, it can also apply to viewing others in a less-than-favorable light.  We need to be working on ourselves first, before we try to change anyone else.  There are plenty who readily judge and criticize, but people are affected more positively when they feel appreciated and see a model of appropriate behavior, rather than when they feel condemned.  Try this with employees, coworkers, your spouse or children or other family members, friends, even perfect strangers!  You’ll be amazed at the results.

If you need a little kick-start, I suggest that you join me on the most important journey you’ll ever take; start working to improve your own life and achieve your goals, taking good care of yourself and giving yourself lots of energy and happiness.  Then you will be able to help others in ways you never imagined.

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Remember, it’s all about the motivation…whatever “it” may be.

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