You are invited to my private Goals Workshop, LIVE December 8th, 2009 in Lima, Ohio!!!

Where do you stand with your 2009 goals?
listen to my recorded message for you. click here

Did you achieve them? Did you fall short?

What areas were your goals is….

  • Recreational
  • Career
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Character
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Community
  • Friends
  • Legacy

Please submit your 2009 goals below!  I want to know how you are doing!

I will also send you some information on how you can come to my home for a intimate  goal setting workshop, on Dec 8th!

Donna, here are my 2009 goals….
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Did you achieve them? Are you close? Are you off track?
What were your top 3 goals of 2009?
Did you achieve them?
Would you like help achieving them in 2010?


  • Lucricia Anderson

    Reply Reply October 30, 2009

    I am not able to attend this goal workshop. It is during the day and I work during the day. If you could please, email me a summary or any paperwork that was handed out during the workshop to my address:

    Thank you.

    Lucricia L. Anderson

  • Marie

    Reply Reply October 30, 2009

    I am not able to attend but like an e-mail summary of the event.
    Thank you.

    Marie B.

  • Sue Hall

    Reply Reply October 30, 2009

    I am not able to attend the goal workshop, because I work in another state and things are very busy right now. I REALLY would like the information you can share with me via e-mail that was given out at the workshop. This past year I jointed Thin & Healthy and have had more success in every area of my life than with any other program. Your information is wonderful. Keep up the good work!!

    Thanks a ton!!

    Sue Hall

  • judith newland

    Reply Reply November 1, 2009

    thank you for the invitation, but i am having surgery the next day and will not be able to attend. i would like to know how the workshop went.

    • admin

      Reply Reply November 2, 2009

      Good luck with your surgery!!

  • Jody Morey

    Reply Reply November 1, 2009

    Well, I didn’t make it to retirement and financially, it was so-so.

  • Cindy Voegeli

    Reply Reply November 2, 2009

    Since I’m out of state, I will not be able to attent your workshop. Thank you.

  • Cheryl

    Reply Reply November 9, 2009

    I am unable to attend your workshop due to starting a new job over a hour away from Lima. I am right on target with goals and hope I don’t lose sight. Its easy to do but since its 24/7 I have no excuses now. I worked out everyday (almost) at your facility and it has been a rewarding experience to start at barely being able to do 5 minutes and now can do over 60 minutes. I only due to the fitness part but it is well worth it. The job came next and fell right in line so I will not quit, thats for sure….

  • Cheryl

    Reply Reply November 9, 2009

    PS, Your staff are very enthusiastic about what they do and make it a enjoyable place to be after a long day at a new job. This old physical education/health teacher can outlast the best of them now. You have a nice place where all ages can fit in…You do good work.

  • Stephanie

    Reply Reply December 3, 2009

    Will you be offering an online event for those of us that can’t make the in-person event? I’d love to learn more about goal setting (realistic goal setting, I should say!) :)


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