Why We Do What We Do

Dear Donna,

I Gained at Thin&Healthy’s Total Solution!

Because of the knowledge I gained from the staff at Thin & Healthy my life is forever changed.  I didn’t realize I was always running to food for comfort, and I was sure exercise was some kind of punishment for not being thin already.  I’ve learned that exercise is not only NOT a punishment, it’s actually a REWARD!

Because I either lift weights or fast walk 5-6 times each week, my blood pressure is totally under control.  Because of the weight I’ve lost, my marriage has a rekindled passion.  Because my confidence has climbed and my attitude has improved, I have a happier outlook.  And because I view life as better, LIFE IS BETTER!

I’ve received a promotion at work because I miss less, do more and am a joy to be around.  Let’s just say I wasn’t a joy before.  In fact, I was pretty miserable.  I was choosing to fix my sadness with food.  Now the sadness is very seldom.  If I do get frustrated, I have answers that don’t equal added weight to my body.  I truly am in a constant state of victory!  Yes, I gained as a member of Thin & Healthy – I gained my life back!

~Forever Thin and Healthy

I am sharing this testimonial because it explains so very well why we do what we do.  We provide so much more than weight loss.  We save lives.  I wanted to share this note I received because I believe it puts everything into perspective.  We do so much more than help people lose weight.  We help people gain in all the other areas of life.

Because of Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution, this member gained passion, confidence, a positive attitude, happiness, a promotion, better health, productivity, more money and joy!  This is why we do what we do!  If you or someone you know isn’t experiencing these kinds of life changes, we are here to help!

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