What Do You Care About?

“Character is higher than intellect.  A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Five simple words can really be used to sum up character.  What do YOU care about?  It’s been said that character (or who you REALLY are) is who you are when no one else is watching.  I’ve added to that, when you’re under pressure and no one else is watching.  At that time when you’re feeling overwhelmed, under accomplished or things look like you may never get your goal— what goes through YOUR mind?  Is it a positive, hope-filled outlook or one of dismay?  Do you kick into a high gear of solution creativity or do you just want to run?  Do you think of what you can do with and learn inside of the day you been given or think about all the reasons things haven’t worked and all the things you’ve done wrong?  Every day is a new day!  Ideas are in your mind just WAITING to be birthed!  Take heart and know that believing and being determined will far outweigh what can be learned.

Life is Short Decide today to think and to LIVE well.

Success… success unto you, and ALL your hand touches!


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