What a perfect time of year to be practicing gratitude!

Is the holiday rush getting to you yet?  There is a lot going on with shopping, parties, wrapping up the ending year and planning for the new one… not to mention this can be a very sad time for those of us missing our loved ones.

Remember to take time out whenever you need to… to breathe, to relax, to hug someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you. Nurturing our relationships is one of the most important things we can do, for our own well-being as well as to support those closest to us.

If you are wondering how to get it all done without losing your mind, our Life Success program might be right for you.  Check it out at www.lifesuccessinternational.com.  It’s extremely affordable and delivered weekly in bite-size pieces so you can find balance and success in all areas of your life without becoming even more overwhelmed.

Check out the introduction to the Relationships section of the Life Success program:


“Relationships are the most vital, yet complex, areas of human life, so it’s so very important to understand how to nurture them. That’s what you’ll learn in this week’s workbook.

You will never accomplish anything great or important alone. No one can. We rely on others to help us get things done and encourage us. When our relationships are stronger, we accomplish more than when our relationships are weak or in trouble.

When our relationships are struggling, our efforts to lose or maintain weight or achieve other goals get sabotaged because we tend to run to comfort foods or vegetate on the couch out of anger or depression, instead of making healthier choices with food or exercise, or working on the relationship in a mature, adult way. On the other hand, when we’re working on keeping our relationships strong, losing or maintaining weight and staying fit is easier, and it’s easier to hit our other goals too, because life feels full, rewarding and wonderful.

One of the biggest steps we can take in nurturing our relationships is to improve our communications skills. When our communication techniques are good, we can avoid reacting and respond instead, which helps us avoid emotional eating and other negative coping strategies.

Jim Sharp says it’s important to remain neutral when relating to others, never take anything personally or make anything personal for others. By following this rule, you can eliminate many of the negative emotions in relationships, which are often caused by very trivial comments or events that are misinterpreted.

We have included many strategies for building healthy relationships in this week’s workbook. I’m sure you will find at least one thing you can put to immediate use in building positive relationships in your life.

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s Life Success workbook:

  • Eight essentials of healthy relationships that supply energy and encouragement.
  • Three core elements of relationships geared for success.
  • Learn the Z.I.P. method of putting value into relationships.
  • Develop meaningful relationships that will help you become a better person.

Which five relationships in my life are most important? Do they affect my weight loss, fitness and health in a positive or negative way?

The focus of this program is to give you the inspiration, education, and tools you need in order to tap into the motivation and determination that lie within you, which will allow you to attain your dreams and ambitions. Life Success covers all the areas of your life that tend to get in the way of your goals being achieved like job stress, busy schedules, financial troubles, relationship struggles, and more.


Whether you get Life Success right now or not, please stay connected so I can keep offering you helpful tips and tools to make your business and your life better!  I love to give and I am so grateful you are willing to let me share with you!

Christmas serves as a reminder to appreciate what we have (especially the nonmaterial things) and celebrate the Love of God which was shown to us through The Gift of His Son, Jesus. If this idea does not match your personal beliefs, that’s ok.  It is certainly not my intention to offend.  I just want to share with others the Truth that has brought me more peace than any person or thing this world has to offer.  I know, God is crazy about you!  And yes, there is a Spiritual month in the Life Success program too, because that is the most important area of life!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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