Oprah who???

It is with my hands lifted in praise, and then me pinching myself in wonder, and then me screaming with joy, and then me jumping up and down with excitement, and then my face on the ground in absolute awe of my God….. that I share this announcement with you.

Many years I ago, as I was preparing for a seminar we were holding, my sister brought me the song, Life, by Beckah Shae (I always planned seminar themes based on songs I could feel God’s power in and my sister thought this was one). It was. I planned the entire 2-day event around living a rich life, a full and blessed life, because these words described EXACTLY what I always taught.

Because I knew weight loss and fitness (both being the businesses I was in at the time) were each totally imcomplete with regard to someone achieving a life that’s truly whole, I had ceated a self assessment to help folks determine where they were in their goal achievement.

For all the years I’d been in these businesses, the cry of my heart was to see people be whole, to know what it’s like to be fully alive. The assessment is a unisex figure, but I wasn’t sure what to call him.

Here’s where this story starts getting good… but it gets even better.

Beckah sang a word inside the song that I couldn’t quite make out. I researched and found the word to be ‘Chaim’. It’s a Hebrew word meaning…. drum roll please…. TO BE WHOLE AND FULLY ALIVE! Oh my goodness!! Immediately I named the assessment Chaim, and we’ve never looked back. He’s a self-test that’s now been taken all over the world.

But… as they say on tv… WAIT, there’s more! Chaim has become the cornerstone for everything we teach. And I just KNEW God had something huge planned for this song. I knew it was to be our anthem, if you will. I could envision Beckah singing it on our stages and I could actually SEE all those we work with having their belief catapult due to this expereince!

Well, several months ago, we met with Beckah and her husband/manager, Jack Shocklee. The meeting went incredibly well and we all definitely clicked with each other. We were proposing a relationship where we would promote Beckah, the Life song and all her songs all over the nation and the world, as we did our events and helped all those we get to serve, to be fully alive.

During the meeting, I told them the absolute cry of my heart is to see people be whole. I told them the story of how Chaim’s name came to be. And I also told them about how we pray ‘open doors and closed doors, every single morning, when we start our day, in our company. I shared that I believed they were an ‘open door’.

As they were preparing to leave, Beckah said, ‘I need to show you something.’ She pulled a pendant out from inside her blouse, that was hanging on the end of a long chain. It was a key. On it was the scripture from Isaiah about open doors and closed doors. We all stood there in awe. But, then, just like God does, he blew our minds even more. She turned the key over to reveal to me the word she had inscribed on the other side. It read…. Chaim.

None of us had dry eyes. We knew we were standing smack dab in the middle of God’s will!

Well…. it’s been a few months, and we’ve met with these amazing 2 people again and I’m OVERWHELMED WITH OUTRAGEOUS JOY to share with you that we have the great honor of working directly with them and that the exclusive rights to the song, Life, are ours! I can’t wait to have the world singing this song as their proclamation!!

Oh yea…. that ‘Oprah who????’, line from above. You’re probably wondering what that’s all about, right?

Here’s the biggest WOW of all! I was headed into a meeting yesterday, with my team. I planned on telling them the news about how Beckah would be doing events, concerts and more with us and about getting exclusive rights to the song. I knew Jack had mentioned the name of someone else who wanted rights to the song and I wanted to call him to get the story, to be sure I shared it correctly.

It’s simply this. It was Oprah….. Oprah Winfrey….. wanted the song to use as the theme song for a show she was putting on OWN, her tv network. Everytime the show aired, it was advertised or Oprah referred to it, it would have been used. The deal didn’t end up happening. As I talked with Jack yesterday, he said the very words I’ve been saying to those closest to me, for years.

He said, ‘Donna, we truly believe Oprah didn’t get the song because God was saving it for you.’ I sat there as a mixed emotional bag of being so excited I couldn’t contain my screams and being so humbled that I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Oprah wanted it…. Donna Krech got it! When God opens a door, no man can close it!

I went into the meeting and shared the news with my team. When I told them what Jack had said, one of them looked at me and said, ‘Oprah who???????’

Look…. I don’t know what all God is going to do with this. But I do know it’s going to be HUGE!!! I pray, constantly, that we will each honor and fulfill the call and purpose he’s placed on us.

I am 100% certain he wants us to be FULLY ALIVE and Beckah, Jack, Cappy Ton Vinney, Colby, Aaron, Shelley, Pam, Elisha, Marcia, Paul, Beth, Jay and the entire rest of our incredible team are thrilled to get to help make this a reality.

What an awesome God we serve! Here’s to you, me and every life we touch being FULLY ALIVE!

PS. You need to know two important facts. One, I discovered this song and did this seminar around 2005. That was a very long time ago. Secondly, there have been moments, even months and years, where doubt and fear occured due to situations that caused me to wonder if what I believed was going to happen, could ever be possible. The vision was birthed a long time ago. I kept going. There were many obstacles. I kept believng.

PPS. You know that huge dream God’s planted in your spirit… the one you wonder if it’s even possible… the one that seems far too big to ever take place? Yea, that one. Keep believing it, pressing toward it and trusting him for it. I get it, it’s enormous …. but he’s ENORMOUS-ER!! He planted it… he’ll bring it to fruition. Keep persevering. Because when God opens a door, no man can close it, my friend.

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