Legacy Is Who You Are, Not Just What You Do! (Part-1)

This may be the most unusual success article you’ve ever read.  It will produce an increase in business and money, but will also bring to your life greater happiness and purpose; the two together are known as Healthy Wealth.  People are multidimensional.  I can teach you how to make more money, but that would be incomplete because that’s only one part of you.  You are also physical, relational and spiritual.  Life isn’t separate… it’s integrated.

My mom passed away on July 15th.  I realized when writing about her that I needed to share the success secrets she’d given me.  You see, I went from being a penniless, abused mom working in a health club, to owning a company with 125 locations providing weight loss and wellness, and I learned how to do it from my mentor, my mom.  Want to know how to build HEALTHY WEALTH?  The obituary I wrote (in blue) shares the secrets (in red).

The angels stood at attention when this Prayer Warrior entered heaven’s gates.  They couldn’t wait to meet the one who had caused the very throne of God to move on behalf of those she’d prayed for, and who they’d heard Him talk about for nearly a century.  I can just hear them saying, “So YOU are Jetta! You’re the one He’s bragged on for so many years!

Healthy Wealth Pt. 1 REAL SUCCESS INCLUDES PEACE 0F MIND.  PRAY FOR AND THINK GOOD THOUGHTS ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE WITH YOU AND THOSE YOU COMPETE WITH.  This allows your mind to maintain focus so worry and distraction don’t consume you.  Earl Nightengale taught, “Resentment and grudges do no harm to the person against whom you hold these feelings, but every day and every night of your life, they are eating at you.”

Most obituaries talk about what a person did in their life.  And while that does matter, this more shares who this person was.

H.W. Pt. 2. BE A GOOD PERSON, DON’T JUST DO GOOD THINGS.  People will not remember what we did or what we said, but they will remember how we made them feel.  This begins your legacy (hint: applying Pt. No. 1 will make it easier to apply Pt. No. 2).

She was one you could depend on to be steadfast in character.  Anyone who knew her knew that their encounter with her would be the same great one every time.  Legacy is the appropriate word to describe both my mom and her life.  And the legacy lived consistently during her nearly 91 years was one of unwavering faith in God, unchanging positive perspective, unconditional love for family, unparalleled kindness, grace and hospitality for others, and an indefinable work ethic.

H.W. Pt. No. 3.BE STEADFAST IN CHARACTER, POSITIVE AND HAPPY IN YOUR RESPONSE TO LIFE.   Look for good and talk about it.  Be kind to everyone, as you have no idea what battle they might be fighting.  Become known for this.

Her priorities were always a constant, just like she was: God first, family second, career third.  They never changed.  Her life said, “If you love God, you cherish family and you work hard to honor Him.  There is not one without the other.”

H.W. Pt. 4. KEEP PRIORITIES IN HEALTHY PERSPECTIVE.  “THE STUFF IN LIFE THAT MATTERS” ALL WORKS TOGETHER, NOT SEPARATE LY.  Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.  In the end, we won’t think about how much money we made, we’ll think of how much of a difference we made.

In her career, she was hard working, many times starting at 7:00 am and ending at 11:00 pm.  Her attitude was one of perseverance and goal orientation.  She was diligent, dedicated and loyal.

H.W. PT. 5. DISPLAY WORK ETHIC, NEVER GIVING UP AND HAVE GOALS IN PLACE.  “What we do speaks so loudly people can’t hear a word we say.”  Success is about who we are, affecting what we do.  “Am I who I am because of what I do, or do I do what I do because of who I am?”

In 1947, she went to work for Stanley Home Products.  At 90 years of age (65 years later) she still had a cabinet full of stock and a handwritten inventory on the door.  One day when I was taking care of her, a call came in for an order.  She still had the marketing magnet on her car with her phone number on it so prospects could reach her.  I took the order from the woman, checking with my mom to be sure I had everything correct.  She said, “Get a pen so I can make sure my contact information is on everything.”

She then told me where she kept her thank you gifts and, even with it so hard for her to write anymore, she scribbled a handwritten thank you note, like she had always done.  Of course we included a catalogue with contact info too, to make it easier when they needed to order more, because she believed that once they’d experienced Stanley Home Products, they’d never go back to using anything else.  She was dedicated and loyal to her product, as it should be.  She taught us that marketing means making a positive difference and selling means serving.

H.W. Pt. 6. ALWAYS BE MARKETING, SERVE WHEN YOU SELL, DELIVER WITH AN AUTHENTIC SMILE, ASK THEM TO PURCHASE MORE AND PURCHASE AGAIN.  This is the key to building monetary wealth, as well as the kind of wealth money can’t buy.  Display contact info everywhere.  Send hand-written thank-you notes.  Send an unexpected thank you gift.  Educate and inform, then ask your prospect or member to purchase more.  Overdeliver with joy and enthusiasm and they’ll never purchase from anyone else.  Remember, these are philosophies I’ve applied in my company, going from 0 to 100 Million dollars worth of our programs sold.  These philosophies will make your club more money.

If you asked her what someone should do who wanted to be successful, she’d reply plainly, “Well, they should go into sales, of course!  Sales is still the highest-paid profession in the world!”  She won contest after contest, trip after trip, and trophy after trophy with Stanley.  I felt it fitting that I continue her Stanley business, as she raised us to knowing how to sell the products, recruit others to succeed, and make deliveries with a smile so people would be happy and buy again.

H.W. Pt. 7. SALES IS THE HIGHEST-PAID PROFESSION.  PROFIT, COMMISSION, BONUS and PROFIT SHARE ARE WHERE THE MONEY IS.  “Wages will make you a living, but profits will make you a fortune.”  No matter what position you hold in your club, be sure you have no limit to what you can make.  A percentage of the sale will make you the greatest income.

It’s clear why she had so much success in sales.  It was the same reason people loved her whether she sold anything to them or not.  She was never distracted or preoccupied.  She was always present, right there with you when you talked with her.  She made you feel as though you were the most important person in her world when you were with her, because you were.

H.W. Pt 8. MAKE THE PERSON WITH YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR WORLD.  When I sold memberships, I felt the prospect in front of me was so important that I tuned everything else out.  In my presentation I’d tell them, “You’re the most important person in my world right now, so getting you to your goals is the most important thing to me.”  I closed 100% of the folks I talked to.  Why?  I believed in what I was doing and I’d learned from the best teacher ever.

Not only did she know the best way for someone to make money, she taught us how to spend it wisely.  All of us still redeem coupons even though we don’t have to.

H.W. Pt 9. MONEY SHOULD BE MADE -AND SPENT- WISELY.  My brother is a very successful television producer, I own several multi-million dollar businesses, and all my siblings sell.  We do well financially and we spend well too.  We look for sales, deals and coupons.  “When we’re faithful with little, we’ll be trusted with much.”

I’ve decided to share more of what my mentor did to create an incredibly happy life.  Want to know more about building Healthy Wealth now?  Accept as my gift to you, free training videos featuring none other than my mom.  Visit www.youtube.com/DonnaKrech  Click Success Stories and look for “Meet My Secret Weapon.

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