Exercise Is Magic (Part 1)

Truly miraculous things can take place once exercise is a permanent part of your life. Learn how to make that happen and discover the different types of workouts that bring which results and boost your metabolic rate.


I’m so excited to tell you that truly miraculous things can take place once exercise is a permanent part of your life. Now get that; I said miraculous! I can’t wait to tell you the information I’ve discovered and that I want to pass along to you. It’s so inspiring and motivating, you may not make it through the lesson! You may run and get on your bike or your treadmill or your elliptical before I even finish! I sound like I’m joking but I’m really not saying that in jest; that’s what this information does for me. Read on, and be inspired by the magic of exercise!

While exercise is a part of my life on a regular basis, I go through my cycles just like everybody else does. Then when I remind myself of what I’m missing, the benefits I gain when I exercise, not just the size of my body but how my life is better overall, I’m inspired to get back at it again. I remember what I’ve lost: my confidence, my self-esteem, my stress-management, the ability to find more time in my day. Yes, it’s true. When you make exercise a regular part of your day, you actually gain time because your day becomes more organized.

As I’m inspired when I read through these stories and these testimonials, I know you’ll be inspired too.

Let’s just put things into a very simple perspective. Years ago, people lived much healthier lives. There was little cancer, they lived better longer, and they were happier. But let’s think about this for a second. Life was made up of walking, lifting, working.

Think of the Amish now, in today’s society. The results are the same. They are healthier than we are, they don’t encounter debilitating diseases like we do, because exercise is a part of their daily lives. Their confidence levels are higher, their self-worth is extremely high, their stress levels are lower, and overall they just feel better about themselves. Granted, that could be given to their way of life, their entire lifestyle. But I propose that their levels of activity and health, and the quality of sleep they get has a lot to do with that as well.

While we’re talking about debilitating diseases, let’s look at something truly miraculous concerning exercise. A recent study in Diabetes Care found that those involved in a 16-week, two-times-a-week resistance exercise program experienced improvements in their bodies’ responses to insulin, even without any dietary changes. The author states, “True management of Type 2 diabetes cannot occur without exercise.” 18.2 million Americans, that’s 9% of the adult population, suffer from Type 2 diabetes, and it cannot be managed without exercise. That’s miraculous. Twice a week for sixteen weeks, and their bodies were experiencing amazing improvements in responses to insulin.

Let’s talk about arthritis. It’s been reported in a recent issue of Arthritis Research and Therapy that men and women in their mid sixties and beyond who exercised regularly experienced fewer aches and pains than other people their age who were less active. Adjusting for age, gender, and BMI, researchers found that joint and muscle pain were about 25% lower among regular exercisers compared with their more sedentary counterparts. That’s a 25% reduction in arthritis pain. Imagine someone experiencing pain can experience less pain because of movement. Because of exercise, pain can be reduced or even completely eliminated.

It’s been reported in the latest issue of Radiology that research conducted in the Netherlands indicates that older adults with less blood flow to the brain are more likely to experience dementia, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Regular exercise increases blood flow to the brain.

It’s reported in the August 5th, 2005 episode of Stroke, a journal of the American Heart Association, that research conducted at the National Public Health Institute in Finland following 57,721 Fins for 19 years found that highly active men and women substantially reduced their risk of stroke caused by blood clots. Remember, exercise increases blood flow. This study is the first to specify the inverse relationship between the amount of physical activity in which an adult engages and their relative risk of suffering from a stroke.

Reported In the Washington Post, health scientists consider daily exercise to be rule number one for living a healthier, happier and longer life. This article notes that low fitness individuals have five times the risk of cardiovascular disease, and three times greater risk of premature death from all causes. Talking about Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, cardiovascular disease of any kind, premature death of all health-related causes- exercise is the miracle that eliminates all of that. Those are health issues. Next week we’ll look at the way exercise actually reverses the aging process and how it can bring about the same personality and outlook results as a prescription drug! I don’t know about you, but I’m going for a run!!!!

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