How to achieve “VICTORY” & hit your goals – even through the crappy stuff

On of the many reasons we “run out of steam” when we are chasing our dreams is because we forget to take the time to slow down and count our victories.

Join me at my Goals Workshop on December 8th and I will show you how to maintain this endless focus of counting your victories and find success in 2010!!

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Who will benefit from a goals workshop?

How to determine if a goals workshop is right for you….

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You are invited to my private Goals Workshop, LIVE December 8th, 2009 in Lima, Ohio!!!

Donna Krech to hold LIVE goals workshop for 2010 goal setting.

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So, What Are You Afraid Of?

Did you know that there are only six key elements to moving beyond where you are now in any area of your life? It could be that you want to have more balance, it could be that you want to be healthier or in better physical condition. You might want to go beyond where you are with your finances or your career success. You may have a business that you know needs to move passed where it is now or your goal may be to get closer to your family in more involved in your community. All of these would be examples of areas where you could be ready to blow the lid off of sameness. The key elements are:

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How to RADICALLY Change Your World for the BETTER

Whew, bold title, huh? I suppose so. But it’s the right one. Sometimes I awake in the middle of the night. Most times I pray and ask God why He woke me up. “What do you want to tell me?” or some words similar to those are how I pray. Then I lay there waiting to see what in myself, my relationships or my company that I obviously need to see. Many times I will also get out of bed, write some notes down, work on my computer, read or create something. A most recent time was no different. This particular time the thoughts running through my mind when I awoke were not exactly happy ones.

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