Basics Of Healthy Friendships

There are certain fundamentals that, if mastered, will take you far down the road of healthy relationships. The key to understanding relationships is that relationships involve people. And while every person is different, there are general principles that make most people tick. If we understand these basics or fundamentals, and operate accordingly, we can make…

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Keeping Memories Alive: The Objects Worth Keeping

Courtesy of The Huffington Post | by Ann Brenoff Many of us give little thought to what we’ll leave behind for our children and their children to remember us by. What we leave behind paints the picture of how we lived, provides a testament to what we stood for, and keeps alive the lessons we…

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The Secret to Healing your Marriage

I am writing today on behalf of my colleague, Dr. Deb Hirschhorn. Did you know that it is possible to fall in love again even when a marriage has gone very bad? Dr. Deb believes – and it’s been proven – that it is possible. Before I say more, let me tell you that Dr.…

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