Building Healthy Wealth Part 1

There’s times on my Twitter and Facebook that I talk about Healthy Wealth.. here’s a few of them compiled for you!! I’ll have more next week so be on the lookout!

My mom passed away recently. I learned Healthy Wealth from her. I’m honored to pass on the lessons. She married the love of her life, Bill Jones, in Indiana, on Aug. 16, 1941. At 28 years of age she became a widow, with 3 children under 5 years of age, to care for. She had no money and no driver’s license. Two years later on Feb. 15 she married my dad, Norman Elrod. They had so much fun together, dancing, laughing with friends and playing music. He brought two sons with him into our family and he followed her to Ohio when she received a promotion from Stanley Home Products. They had 2 children and she was widowed once again in 1977. She married the one she cherished and who would take care of her like no one ever had, Ovid Leonard, on July 24, 1986. They shared amazing travels and obvious love for one another. She became a widow for the third time in 2001. As of today, including spouses, grandkids, great grandkids and great-great grandkids her family had grown to 102 members.

You only had to be around her for a minute to realize that her perspective was that there is no ‘step’ in the word family. There is no ‘half’, there is no ‘in-law’. If you were family, you were family, period. And you were loved unconditionally.

Her door was always open to any of us who needed a place to live. And many of us did, indeed, seek refuge in her grace and live with her. We were people without a place to live, and living with her, while we were struggling so, taught us how to live fully. She put food in our bellies and a pillow under our heads. She housed us, she loved us, she took care of many of our needs and she prayed with us and for us.


“LOVE UNTO OTHERS THE WAY YOU’D HAVE THEM LOVE UNTO YOU.” In other words, be careful not to put stipulations or judgments on your love. When you do that, you unknowingly put limits on the relationship. Don’t label folks ‘____’-family. Just label them family. When you do that, your relationships will have limitless amounts of love. That’s what hers had. She did everything she could to be sure folks knew they were loved. Are we doing everything we can do show folks they’re loved????

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