Goal Setting for the New Year with Donna Krech–Family Core Area

http://www.donnakrech.com While setting your goals for the new year, do not forget this core area, FAMILY! What memories do you want to build with your family this year? How do you want to rebuild or strengthen family relationships?

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What Jim Rohn taught me about physical goals and having a healthy self-image…

Your Physical Core Area is the next stop on your goal setting adventure for 2010.

It’s important to know that this core area is not just about your weightloss goals, dress size or how many 5k’s you intend to run next year.

It goes much deeper than that!

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Happy Birthday to Donna Krech!

Happy Birthday Donna! We hope you enjoy this special video!!

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How big is your BRAIN??….

Enjoy my video blog of the week!…. Mental Core Area of Setting Goals…

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Last Day To Sign Up For My Goals Workshop!

My goals workshop is only 1 week away!! At midnight tonight (eastern time) I will be shutting the doors on this special opportunity. If you have been thinking about coming, bringing your team and have not reserved your spot…this is your last chance! CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! If you just can’t make it…

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My favorite Thanksgiving Story..I hope you enjoy it!

Some time ago I came across a story that deeply touched my heart. I related to the story so much that I decided to build a Thanksgiving tradition around it.

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5 Quick Questions To Create A Surefire Plan To Hit Your 2010 Goals!

5 Quick Questions To Create A Surefire Plan To Hit Your 2010 Goals!
I know why you have not achieved your goals…(and it only takes 5 minutes to find out why!)

Just watch this quick video blog…and answer the 5 quick questions!

(make sure you grab a piece of scrap paper for this exercise…you will need it!)

From using my “Funnel of Five” you will be able to create an infallible plan to hit your goals and overcome obstacles in 2010!!

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Have you ever asked yourself, “What I am doing here?” “What is my purpose?”…

If you have ever asked yourself…

“What I am doing here…?”

“What is my purpose..?”

“How do I find meaning in my job..?”

..then you have to watch my 2.5 minute Video Blog so I can explain how easy it is to find these answers…

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How to achieve “VICTORY” & hit your goals – even through the crappy stuff

On of the many reasons we “run out of steam” when we are chasing our dreams is because we forget to take the time to slow down and count our victories.

Join me at my Goals Workshop on December 8th and I will show you how to maintain this endless focus of counting your victories and find success in 2010!!

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Who will benefit from a goals workshop?

How to determine if a goals workshop is right for you….

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