Healthy Conversation–How To Achieve A Goal


We are going to talk goals because it’s that time of year.  Each New Year’s Eve John and I share our #1 goal.  Basically everyone has goals that fall into three categories; health, time and money.   Here we are dedicated the health goals.  Today we’re going to share some really simple tips that can make a huge impact on your health goals for the New Year.

Transcript of Conversation:

JOHN:                         Why’d you have to put the dog in this thing?


DONNA:                    You gotta have your dogs. .


JOHN:                         I hate that when people put their dogs in stuff.


DONNA:                    Okay so welcome to A Healthy Conversation. This is a very healthy conversation.

JOHN:                         It is, it started off really well.


DONNA:                    Okay so we have two Shih Tzus obviously that he is probably more crazy about than I am actually.


JOHN:                         I don’t parade them around though like you do.


DONNA:                    You don’t parade them around, that’s true. So anyway we’re going to talk about goals because it’s that time of year. And so what we have done every year as long we’ve known each other, around midnight on New Year’s Eve is we cheers.


JOHN:                         A little toast.


DONNA:                    And we say our number one goal. So we’re sharing a tradition with you that we’ve had for years and we share our number one goal for the year each New Year’s Eve. It is proven, statistically – I’ve been doing this for a very long time – that every single year people set the same exact goals. And basically it’s three goals. Now whether it’s five, ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty depending upon what report you’re looking at, it’s still three goals: Health, Time and Money. All the goals, all the resolutions set are about health, time and money.

Well in my successful substance, the stuff in life that matters information in the Donna Krech world, I talk a lot about how to relieve stress, how to have more time and certainly how to increase your income and make more money. Here we’re dedicated to the health stuff.


JOHN:                         Mm-hmm.


DONNA:                    So the health goals that are set are, as anybody would guess, weight loss, becoming more fit, a lot of people will set a goal to quit smoking, a lot of people will set a goal to just eat healthier, right? But they’re all around the world of health.


JOHN:                         I think though so many times they get overwhelmed by the goals they set they should be doing them a lot smaller maybe to start out with because I think that’s where so many times we sabotage ourselves.


DONNA:                    Yeah I’m bad about that, I’ll set like ten. Like I’m going to take over the world with my ten. So simpler is better, right?


JOHN:                         Simpler is better. I mean a prime example is, you know me with pop, especially diet pop, but regular pop, people who say, “Well I’m going to try to keep my weight under control” or “I’m trying to change one thing.”  Well just drinking one less can of pop a day makes a huge difference. I just kind of ran the numbers, 160 calories a day times 365, it’s about fifty some thousand calories which means there’s about 16 pounds different just by taking one can of pop out of what you’re doing on a daily basis.


DONNA:                    Yeah, see that’s simple.


JOHN:                         Yeah.


DONNA:                    So maybe instead of setting the goal – well there’s nothing wrong with setting the goal to lose weight, but maybe rewording it to one less pop a day, right? Because that’s very doable.


JOHN:                         Simple. Simple. Simple. Yeah.


DONNA:                    So that’s a good one. What’s another one?


JOHN:                         Well one thing I always look at, and I’m kind of a bug about this, is when I go to any kind of a shopping center, a mall or whatever, I always notice that the cars are always parked very, very close to the door that they have to go in by. I always park my car way, way out there because more steps. The more steps you take the more calories you’re going to burn. It’s something very simple that we don’t even think about but if you add an extra 30 or 40 or 50 steps every day, once again at the end of the year that’s a big change and you really don’t even notice it.


DONNA:                    So I think one solution for a person really being able to achieve their goal and you know what, you can achieve the goal. Whether you’ve said it as a “resolution” or whatever the case is, you can change your life. You can feel fantastic, you can look great, you can be full of energy and I think one of the things too achieving a goal is simple. I think that’s one of the secrets, one of the pieces of wisdom.

I also think that sometimes people want fast. I think we live in an immediate gratification society. Me too, us we talk about it, we want it now.  We forget that slow and steady wins the race. Well cutting out a pop a day is slow and steady. Parking farther away from the door is slow and steady. I know that a lot of times people want fast. So these two pieces of information are great. What we also want to remember is if a person is looking for a fast result –


JOHN:                         Fast goal, yeah.


DONNA:                    You know get it to me know.


JOHN:                         Mm-hmm.


DONNA:                    Because we all know and we wall say this, that if I can just get to a good place, I can keep going. Right? So again, the pop a day is great for slow and steady. Parking farther away is great for slow and steady. I’ve found that when you’re doing the one less pop a day, parking farther away with other people that are doing the same thing you’re doing, it’s easier.


JOHN:                         There’s a synergism to everything, yeah.


DONNA:                    Then it comes faster because then you’re feeding off the other people who are doing the same thing that you’re doing. You’re checking in and now all of a sudden it’s not one less pop a day, you’re not even having a pop a day.


JOHN:                         Strength in numbers, yeah. Exactly.


DONNA:                    And so now it’s a half pound a day a person is losing. I think the most important thing to remember in achieving a goal is to write the goal down, write the goal down. There is something about writing down a goal. You and I both do this. Write down the goal and then think about exactly how you feel would be the best way for you to achieve the goal. Meaning do you want slow and steady? Do you want a fast result? Do you want to feel highly rewarded in that you want to see a lot of parts of your life affected by achieving this goal? Is it important to you to have people with you that are working on the same goal? I know that with the 20/30 Fast Track Plan, the goal comes fast that’s for sure.


JOHN:                         People are just super motivated once they lose their weight.


DONNA:                    It’s amazing. I’m still amazed by it. You know now we’ve got it starting to show up around the world because we’ve got it distributed around the Country, not around the world. We’ve got it distributors out there around the nation and the results keep coming back just like they’re happening here in Lima and I mean it’s a half a pound to a pound. It’s actually coming out to be about a pound a day. It’s amazing.


JOHN:                         Well people just really don’t believe the results that they’re going to get most of the time.


DONNA:                    That’s right. That’s right. So I think that decide what’s right for you. If it’s slow and steady take a couple of the pieces of wisdom that we’ve shared here, add to them and go for slow and steady. Go with something simple. If you’re looking for fast, give us a holler we’d love to see if you qualify for the 20/30 Fast Track 2 Weight Loss and Health Plan and then you’ll be involved with a lot of other people that are doing the same thing. And if it’s something else, maybe it’s just another program, not slow and steady, but another problem, get dedicated to that. The biggest encourage we can give them is to do it together, right?


JOHN:                         Strength in numbers. Yeah.


DONNA:                    To be in it together.


JOHN:                         Absolutely.


DONNA:                    There’s strength in numbers. Get in it together with somebody else and you’ll achieve your goal.


JOHN:                         No dogs though?


DONNA:                    No dogs? Don’t listen, don’t listen to him. Don’t listen. See you next time.




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