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You’ll Learn How:

  • The story of your life is CRUCIAL to identifying your purpose.
  • Knowing your story and your purpose helps you identify what you want, who you could help, what you could provide for them to purchase from you, and who will be drawn to you.
  • To uncover your story then tie it into products for you to sell, marketing avenues for you to go down, marketing techniques for you to apply, even the best ads for you to design and converting copy for you to write.
  • To uncover the meaning and the MONEY inside your story.
  • To plan for your book and get it done with your choice of 3 simple methods (or a mix of 2 or 3 that work best for you).
  • To get recognized as an expert for writing your book,  get celebrity status, and make money with it.
  • To use your book to generate more leads than you’ll know what to do with.
  • To produce a product that reflects your message and sell it at the best price point.
  • How YOUR information is something that many people want to purchase RIGHT NOW and how to find those people.
  • How to give a speech or a talk that creates income for you and build a coaching practice that is marketable.