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Donna KrechDonna Krech has fast become regarded as the “symbol for success” to women in business. As founder and CEO of Donna Krech & Co., she has created an empire devoted to equipping and inspiring female professionals ion more than 94 countries around the world.  With more than 100,000 members in her online and offline programs, and more than 200 physical locations using her “systems for success”, Donna is transforming the business landscape for women in the 21st century.

As a successful entrepreneur, speaker and published author with more than 25 years in the business, Donna has a story that inspires and resonates with audiences everywhere.  Going from penniless mom to multi-millionaire, Donna is living the American Dream AND has become an expert in teaching others to do the same.

As a professional speaker, she has shared the stage with such well-known speakers like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Vince Lombardi, Jr., Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier, and more.

One review of her presentation stated: “With grace, gusto and good humor, Donna packs a punch with a velvet glove! Using animated energy, positive delivery, and profound passion she captivates every audience. The clarity of the message hits its target with impact guaranteed to change lives. Inspirational and empowering she equips business leaders with the hope and tools to excel in life and create a winning culture.”

She’s taught her proven methods to 2000 audiences in more than  30 countries. As a media personality, she hosts Fitness Insider (Oprah’s Oxygen network); dedicated to illustrating that fitness can be fun! Observing a 97% re-gain of weight in commercial weight loss organizations, Donna’s cutting edge, ahead-of-the-trend companies are changing statistics. She gets her audience enthusiastically involved as they come to understand the REAL solution to permanent and profitable weight loss. Because of her systems, her Thin&Healthy locations are seeing dreams come true and millions of pounds lost.

Biography and work Profile

As the voice of Purpose Led Profit, Donna shows others how to “Profit ON Purpose” and go beyond making money and make a real difference by embracing concious capitalism.  And it’s hard to argue with her results.

The bottom line is that individuals and organizations that work with Donna make more money than ever before, grow their businesses at a record pace, build contagious cultures of success with substance, and find their businesses and lives much more satisfying.

Her quarter century of experience running multiple, successful businesses (both online and offline) in a variety of industries have equipped Donna with the business acumen that few of today’s “Guru’s” can match.

Coaching Topics

  • Business Growth & Planning
  • Direct Marketing
  • Sales Training
  • Systems for Success
  • Franchising/Licensing
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development
  • Business Development
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Profit Center Development

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Would you like more information about Donna Krech Events and Products? Email Shelley Elrod at or call (866) 260-8446.

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“No other one person offers this much expertise and experience!”

Due to her 30+ year proven track record in not just building businesses, but improving the lives and health of more than a half a million people in 94 countries, Donna is the #1 authority on Success With Substance and the go-to expert for building your wealth with wellness.

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