A Healthy Convesation–Top 3 Reasons People Don’t Lose Weight

Today we are going to talk about the top 3 reasons people don’t stick to an eating plan. Simply put it comes down to the results don’t happen fast enough or the results are not noticeable enough and quite frankly sometimes people are just hungry.

People just stop following a plan because they’re hungry. So with the Thin and Healthy Total Solution Program that we’ve had for years people aren’t hungry. They’re not hungry but the results are not necessarily fast. The rewards are there, the health benefits are there, but because the weight loss results aren’t fast the rewards come later. Motivation’s a little bit slower.

And there are programs out there where it is fast, like a lot of shake programs out there that are wonderful, good for you, but you’re hungry.  You’re not eating real food though, that’s the problem I think most of the time. One of the huge things that I think the 20/30 Program does is that it is forcing the body to burn fat and that’s where people just get blown away, they can’t believe they are losing a half a pound or a pound a day. They just can’t believe the results they’re getting.

People wanted results quickly, there certainly seemed to be a lot of options out there for fast loss that was very healthy. So I decided to start researching and what I discovered as I started researching fast loss was the hormone thing.

The hormone connection is biggest thing that has changed everything for how we see weight loss and that’s that there is a way that you can lose weight very fast, a pound a day–Definitely a pound a day if you’re a guy, at least a half a pound a day if you’re a gal. With this loss the rewards that you see are amazing. Like blood pressures stabilized. No thyroid problems. Blood sugar completely stabilized, off of insulin completely and sleeping through the night very soundly. No night sweats, no hot flashes, the aches and pains just gone in 30 days.

I think when you get the reward quickly, you’re motivated to stay there and keep going and then ultimately have a healthy life style which again, is one of the big goals when you’re headed into the year. You can do this, you can achieve your goal. If you want help, you can find us at www.2030fasttrack.com or if you’re local give us a call at 419-224-8446. There is a small qualifying process and not everybody qualifies, but most do. And if you qualify then you’ll simply come to a free weight loss hormone seminar to find out if it’s right for you. But I’m pretty excited about helping folks achieve this goal.

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