10 Ways To Add Power To Every Hour

More time, what could you do with more time?

Hey there, so we talked about money. Well, there’s only one other subject that we need to talk about that really matters to all of us and that’s time. Time and money really relates to everything in our life especially when we’re talking about succeeding and building more and being more and doing more. So today we’ll talk about time, finding more time.

Now, here’s the thing, really successful people have, ready for this, 24 hours in a day. People who don’t succeed at all have 24 hours in a day. So if we look at the really successful people and say “What are they doing?” well, there are time saving activities and techniques that they use that will give you more time. What could you do with more time?

At work you would be more productive. Therefore, you would have to work less and you would make more. And, with those you love, well you just have more time for the things in life that matter. At the event we’re going to be talking about a lot of different systems that you can use to find more time.

I’m going to share a couple of them with you right now. Do you know that if you just turn off the television for one hour, pick an hour each day you’re going to be able to produce exponentially more not just because of the time that’s taking but of the distraction that occurs.

If you have two times a day that you check email and I will show you a systematic way to do this in case you’re thinking “No. I have to check it so many more times than that.”. If you have two times a day that you check your email, I can show you how to turn this into that something again exponentially productive.

What we’ll be talking about in future training is how to add 18 more weeks of time to your year. Now, you can use nine of them to be more productive and you could use nine of them to take a vacation with the people that you love. And this stuff really, really works.

The stuff in life that matters to you maybe similar to what it is to me; I love the memories that I have of taking a walk around the block with my kids backwards or having lunch in the trunk of the car or for anybody that I love toilet papering their area, my kids it might have been a bedroom with people I work with, it might have been their office toilet papering their area on their birthday to the place they can not move and just celebrating their day.

I’m going to talk about the stuff like that that matters as well in the time that you need for the stuff in life that matters. And again, whether that’s more production or whether it’s just having time with the people you love more time is the most precious asset on earth because we’re not going to get any more back.

So, action step; I’d like you please to write down something in life that matters to you, the things that you’d like to find more time to do. And then, bring it when we share time together and, I’m going to personally commit to you that I’ll show you how to find more time for those things on your list. You really can find more time for the stuff in life that matters to you. See you in the next video.

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